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Benefits Of A licensed Money Lender

Licensed lenders offer personal loans, business loans, wedding loans, short-term instant cash, and more.

Licensed lenders provide instant loans and help you figure out which loan amount will be right for your needs.

Once you have completed all the procedures and paperwork at the lender’s office, you will be able to repay your loan immediately.

Benefits Of A licensed Money Lender

There are several benefits to pursuing a loan from a licensed lender.

1- You can get a loan within a day: Licensed lenders quickly review and process your loan application. In some cases, you may be able to get a loan in less than an hour from their office.

2- Cheap interest rates: Licensed moneylenders have very cheap interest rates. U Credit offers the most attractive interest rates in Singapore.

3- Trouble-free loan application: If you are someone who hates the monotonous traditional way of borrowing, this may be the time to look for the best-licensed moneylenders. Remember that licensed moneylenders have less red tape. They have a smooth process of document verification.

4- Moneylenders are your trusted friends: You can borrow from licensed moneylenders just as you would borrow from your friends. If you need immediate cash, moneylenders can lend you as fast as your friends want. You can count on them.

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Who are the licensed moneylenders?

  • Licensed moneylenders are private lending companies that have the legal right to lend to people who need instant loans. They are registered with the Government of Singapore and strictly follow the rules laid down by the Ministry of Law. Make sure they don’t act like the horrible debt shark people hear about. Typically, private companies finance moneylenders to create loan packages.

Money emergencies can knock on your door at any time or without your knowledge. This could be for marriage, personal reasons, or business. Or you may run out of money in the middle of the month and need a few thousand for the rest of the month.

In such cases, most people struggle to cope with the financial crisis by arranging loans or borrowing money. If you ever face a financial emergency and you need an instant loan, a licensed lender will be the best option for you.


Of course, you can still choose to borrow from banks. But if you are looking for a faster route but do not want to compromise your safety, there is a way to get a licensed moneylender.

A good moneylender will listen to the needs of his clients and try to suggest appropriate arrangements based on the financial capacity of the borrower. As a customer, you need to be honest enough to provide the necessary details that can help the lender determine the best plan for you.

Always keep in mind that a ‘licensed’ lender is a safe option.